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Vibrations of Foods: A Beginner's Guide to Eating Intentionally

Vibrations are a part of our existence. Everything in our universe is vibrating at different frequencies. The trees, our bodies, our food, everything. It’s a complex topic, but to put it simply, we should all be aiming to live a high vibrational life, hence all of the famous quotes and sayings promoting ‘high vibes’. Higher frequencies have more positive connotations. Emotions-wise, this means happier feelings, food wise, this means healthier bodies. Hand in hand, healthy bodies produce happier feelings. What we eat truly matters, as it affects everything else in our bodies. It is our source of energy and keeps us going.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the details of the vibrations of food. I want to introduce this topic for your benefit, to assist in your decisions about what your body intake is and truly understand how important it is for your health and well-being.


Beginning with the lowest vibration of food, this category includes fried foods, foods containing high levels of fat and sugar, and heavily processed food. This includes fast food and junk food, and primarily all of the popular food that is mass-produced and heavily advertised. Examples of these foods are; McDonald’s and most food items from places like Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks, due to the many fillers and preservatives and how heavily processed they are. These foods can make you feel aggravated and can even lead to depression. This is why when people are already feeling low emotions, they often have the urge to indulge in these low-vibrational foods, because it matches how they are feeling, and keeps them on the same level. These foods can also lead to poor digestive health due to your body's inability to break down the heavy fats and additives.


The highest level of foods that we should all be aiming to include in our diet is whole, natural foods that come from our Earth. Food that IS the ingredient rather than being parts of ingredients to other dishes. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. An ideal diet for optimal health should include these foods every single day. These foods affect your emotions positively and energize you. These foods are easy for your body to digest and are filled with nutrients. These high-vibrational foods promote happiness and keep your mood steady and your body operating smoothly. With this understanding of the benefits of whole foods, you will be able to begin to recognize the other aspects of healthy living that are associated with healthy foods such as exercise, mental health, and connection with nature.

Begin your journey to high-vibrational eating today to support stable and uplifting moods, a healthy body, and a high-vibe life! You can start today by swapping a low-vibrational food for a high-vibrational one, for example, your sugar-filled granola bar for breakfast for a fresh apple or some oatmeal with plant-based milk and natural sweetener. Journaling along the process will also help you to notice the differences in how you feel when eating different foods. Food is vital and it is medicine for our precious bodies. Show yourself love and care by eating the right foods


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