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Easy Vegetarian Recipes!

Vegetarian dishes can be super flavorful and simple! Here are a couple of easy dinner ideas:


Arugula Salad

- arugula

- grilled falafels

- sliced avocado

- roasted cherry tomatoes

- vegan ranch dressing

Spinach Salad

- spinach mix

- shredded carrots

- shredded purple cabbage

- edamame

- roasted tofu cubes

- sesame, soy, and ginger dressing


Chickpea Pasta

- chickpea pasta

- crusted fried tofu cubes

- roasted cherry tomatoes

- parmesan cheese

- pesto sauce

Lentil + Tomato Pasta

- protein rotini pasta

- cauliflower bits

- parmesan cheese,

- parsley

- lentil, roasted tomato and cream sauce

Rice Dishes:

Brown Rice

- brown rice

- vegan sausage

- guacamole

- pico de gallo

- sauteed peppers and onions


- mixed quinoa

- chickpea and tomato sautee

- arugula

- shredded pickled purple cabbage

- garlic aoili

- pita crisps

Try out some of these simple recipes for yourself! They're packed with plant protein and flavor!


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