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Meet our team

Get to know our well-rounded ESW Unfiltered Team behind your favorite articles! With passions and knowledge in a wide variety of subjects, you’ll be sure to find an article you’ll love from each of our team members!

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Our founder, Elina, loves and will write about all things skincare & healthy living. In addition, she will be sharing the behind the scenes as a beauty brand entrepreneur, more about women empowerment, and other lifestyle topics. 

When not working, she is probably traveling to a new city or country and trying the local food. At home, Elina loves to spend time with her dog, Munchkin or enjoy a workout at the gym. 



Sabrina, our social media coordinator,  is obsessed with all things beauty, fashion, and wellness. She is always looking for the latest and hottest trends. You’ll see Sabrina writing about healthy recipes, focusing on wellness, and viral beauty hacks.

If she’s not on Tik Tok, Sabrina is probably watching The Real Housewives [her favorites being New Jersey and Beverly Hills] or out on a walk getting some fresh air!



As an avid recycler and zero waste enthusiast, Olivia, our graphic designer, has a particular passion for sustainability. She also writes about skincare, women empowerment, and other lifestyle topics.

When she’s not nose deep in Adobe Illustrator, she can be found gallivanting around Europe, enjoying good food, or lounging in her hammock somewhere reading a book.



Cindy, our social media & marketing intern, is an aspiring world traveler and full-time philanthropist. She's experimented with almost every hobby but her favorites right now are hot yoga, reading, and trying new restaurants.


You'll see Cindy writing a lot about very Zen and spiritual topics for overall health and wellness throughout the mind, body, and soul. You can probably find her watching a random documentary or outside getting some sun.

we keep it unfiltered.



Noelle, our marketing and sales intern, is an aspiring writer who spends most of her free time indulging in the Sims.


When Noelle is not staring at her computer screen, she is often found scouring thrift stores for the best secondhand fashion. Other than being a sims-obsessed, thrift enthusiast, Noelle is also a skincare junkie who cannot shut up about the importance of sunscreen and the double-cleansing method.


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