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My Favorite Plant-Based Milks & How I Use Them

Whether you’re an eco-conscious eater or lactose intolerant, replacing dairy with plant-based milk is popularizing everywhere. Swapping for vegan options is not only more sustainable but also much more delicious. Here are some of my favorite plant-based milks and what I use them for!

Coconut Milk

I love coconut milk because it is super rich and sweet in flavor. It’s high in oil and filled with healthy fats. Here are my favorite uses for coconut milk.

  • Use it for curry or broth! I love coconut milk in savory dishes- in this case its best to use the full fat version

  • Smoothies are a must with coconut milk. As one of the sweetest milks filled with healthy fats, this milk is the perfect addition to a powerhouse smoothie

  • Dips, sauces & marinades

  • Mix it in mashed potatoes or into rices. The coconutty flavor is perfect for these dishes- a must try

Oat Milk

Creamy and delicious- this oaty beverage is all the cozy feels with the creamiest texture. For me, oat milk is best for:

  • Lattes. make it a coffee or matcha, either way you won’t regret it

  • Use it in your overnight oats! Afterall, it only makes sense to oatify your oatmeal

  • Hot chocolate. This creamy milk is the perfect alternative for the thickest, homey hot chocolate

  • Use it for a dairy-free, homemade ice cream

  • Perfect for most baked goods or pudding recipes

Almond Milk

Almond milk has the best nutty flavor and can really pair with any recipe or ingredient list due to its consistent texture.

  • Use almond milk as a replacement for cream while cooking

  • Almond milk is perfect in cereal. The flavor is not too overpowering but pairs well with your morning breakfast

  • Just drink it! If I need to drink a glass of milk, plain & simple, I drink almond milk. It is my favorite pure as it's not too thick and it has a neutral flavor that is perfect for drinking

  • Grab your oreos, my favorite for dipping cookies when you need that sweet snack.

  • A mac & cheese dairy-alternative. In combination with cashews, nutritional yeast, and a little lemon juice, you can make a delicious vegan mac!

Banana Milk

If you haven’t tried banana milk yet you have to try it out. This potassium rich milk filled with fiber is best for:

  • Smoothies & milkshakes. Try banana milk for sweet and savory smoothies for just a kick of sweetness and a potassium punch.

  • I love it with oatmeal. Especially if you are adding bananas and cinnamon, this milk makes the perfect liquid to add to your oats.

  • Use it as a milk substitute for pancakes & french toast. Queue Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson-- banana style or not, this is the best plant-based milk for your morning breakfast.

  • Muffins! Use banana milk to create delicious muffins filled with fiber.

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