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Conversations With Our Founder: From Clean Beauty to Eco-Merch

We sat down with the founder of ESW Beauty, Elina Sofia Wang, to talk about her new line of merchandise, Earth Self Wellness, and what it was like branching out from her skincare-focused brand. We cover what Earth Self Wellness is all about and what went into creating her unique line of products, the struggles, and how it relates back to ESW Beauty’s values. Keep reading to discover all about it.

What is Earth Self Wellness?

Earth Self Wellness is a premium merch line made by the ESW Beauty team. Our goal was to create products that inspire us in addition to our skincare that reflects our mission for developing sustainable products with a focus on self-love and wellness. This line currently features our biodegradable claw clips & recycled cotton canvas totes.

Where does the name Earth Self Wellness come from?

When brainstorming the name for our merch, we wanted it to tie into our ESW roots, so it is a play on the letters: Earth (E) Self (S) Wellness (W). These reflect our three core beliefs of the ESW brand:

  • Earth– All products are made with a more sustainable alternative than conventional options.

  • Self– The content reflected in our merch has an emphasis on self-love and care, our phrases we selected are motivating, inspiring, but also fun.

  • Wellness– Taking care of our mind, body, and overall health is a huge part of the ESW Beauty brand, which we wanted to reflect on our products

How is “earth” represented in the line

When creating our products, we set out and did extensive research before finalizing our materials. Our goal was to use more eco-friendly options that were both playful and high-quality while being kind to our planet.

Our claw clips are made from cellulose acetate which is a bioplastic made from cellulose synthetic fiber, specifically from cotton & tree pulp and is biodegradable.

Our totes are made from salvaged cotton that has been repurposed for a new life. The combination of our 65% recycled cotton & 35% regular cotton blend canvas tote provides a quality & more sustainable alternative.

Why is self care so important and how is it reflected throughout this line?

Self care can be taken in many forms. It can be everything from a pilates class, a delicious matcha latte to help start your day, or a sheet mask in bed during your evening routine. What I noticed is, it’s often something small that makes a big difference.

Our merch was created to promote self care with products that can make a big impact, even if they don't seem so powerful. A beautiful, quality claw clip ties an outfit together, though simple, adds to your day. Our totes feature phrases that will inspire a more confident you.

What does wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness is taking care of your mind, body, and overall wellbeing to achieve better physical and mental health. It’s actively working on a healthier lifestyle often from daily habits that you practice.

“...always take a step back and check in with yourself to make sure you are well”

With how busy and fast-paced many live nowadays, I find it important to always take a step back and check in with yourself to make sure you are well. I like to ask myself how my sleep is, am I eating a balanced diet, am I in a positive mindset and if not, what can I do to get there?

What do you do to balance your mind and maintain your personal wellness?

Taking care of my own wellbeing is a priority as I have a busy schedule where I am often on the go. Some key habits for me include:

  • Eating healthier - more whole foods & better quality ingredients. I do let myself eat a balanced diet and enjoy fun meals but make sure to give myself the nutrition it needs to keep going

  • Regularly incorporate exercise - I take walks around my neighborhood and go to the gym a few times a week. Even if I am out on a trip or enjoying a day with friends, I like to incorporate fitness. Sometimes through biking or choosing to walk instead of driving short distances

  • If I am feeling overwhelmed, I like to close my laptop for a little and take some to clear my mind and meditate. Sometimes, I will follow a guided meditation but most times, I just like to focus on breathwork and relax my mind

  • Having a consistent morning and evening routine is very important to me, I always incorporate small things in these routines that I look forward to. In the morning, it's a habit to eat my overnight oats + coffee with plant-based milk creamer, and at night, I look forward to my skincare routine, especially when I am sheet masking that night

What does “Watch Me Go” mean to you?

“Watch Me Go” represents the mentality of being strong and confident while working towards your goals. It is a phrase that I resonate with, focusing on myself and my dreams. I love it because it has a bad ass attitude but also represents a lot more that can be interpreted differently by each person.

Do you think you’ll be launching more merch in the future?

Yes, absolutely! Developing the merch was so fun for our team and a great way to provide our community products that reflect our philosophy in a unique way. We do have plans to grow our assortment of other lifestyle merch, and will be releasing more, potentially early spring. Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in checking out the new Earth Self Wellness line, visit…..?


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