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Women, Start Doing Things Alone!

A guide for women to start living courageously!

Why it matters:

As a woman, it's pretty easy to recognize the obstacles and barriers in your way. Having to work harder than others, being considerate of your presence, and having to be extra careful of your surroundings. It's time to take our power back. Living within the guidelines that society has created for us only wrongly reinforces them. Exuding hesitance and reluctance to take up space in the world only builds more doubt against us. It's all about being confident in your abilities and unapologetically being yourself in all settings.

The first step in your journey to being a totally bada$$ woman? Doing things alone.

1. Live a stress-free life.

Doing things by yourself takes the stress out of daily activities. Times when you find yourself waiting on someone else for their company to run some errands? Old news. We are more than capable of doing daily activities alone. No more waiting on other people or adjusting your schedule to have some company that you think you need.

2. Build a relationship with yourself.

Spending time by yourself allows you to strengthen your connection with yourself. You start to pay more attention to your thoughts, rather than always finding distractions to guide or silence them. You begin to listen to your intuition more. You listen to yourself when you have a decision you need to make, rather than asking for others' opinions. You can decide what kind of coffee you want today, and you can decide if you like it or not.

3. Decide the lifestyle you want to live.

Relying on other people starts to become a habit when you don't have a balance between doing things alone. Because of this, we can lose our sense of individuality and begin to conform to a generic lifestyle, bounded by other people's opinions. You may start to live your life how you "think it should be done." Life is all about living in a way that makes you feel good. Doing the things you love without worrying about what the rest of the world thinks!

4. Expanding your comfort zone.

The anonymous and fast-paced nature of technology has shaped our social skills in many ways. Whenever we find ourselves feeling nervous or uncomfortable, pulling out our phones is usually a quick way to distract ourselves. Our phones might feel like a shield from the outside world. In the same sense, sticking to a routine or having company when trying new things can also act as a shield. In reality, shielding ourselves keeps us tucked behind our comfort zone. Starting to do activities alone can grow this zone. Feeling nervous or uncomfortable is only temporary! Once you get over this feeling, you might meet someone new, find a new favorite lunch spot, or notice something you've always overlooked.

Safety tips for your empowerment journey:

Safety is always the most important thing when you are beginning your journey. Here are some tips:

  1. If you are going somewhere you've never been before, opt to go during the daytime.

  2. When going somewhere new and far away, make sure to let a friend know or share your location.

  3. Don't share your personal information with anyone new you're meeting.

  4. Carry a self-defense gadget such as pepper spray or an alarm on your keys.

  5. Do not park in unfamiliar parking garages at night.

  6. Lock your doors as soon as you get in the car.

  7. Don't have too much fun!

Suggestions for your first solo dates:

Start small, and soon enough, you might find yourself traveling worldwide on your own!

  1. Try a new fitness class near you, such as yoga, pilates, spin class, etc.

  2. Go to a local park and take a walk.

  3. Take a solo shopping trip and treat yourself!

  4. Try out a new restaurant or coffee shop you've been eyeing and order whatever you like.

Don't hesitate, you've got this.

It can definitely be scary at first, but don't let the fear control you.

You've got this, seriously. After a couple of solo dates, you'll start to notice the difference in your confidence levels.

Some things to remember:

  1. You'll probably never see these people again. If you've acted in any way subpar to your liking, don't forget that these are strangers you'll unlikely encounter again.

  2. If you're going somewhere new, remember that no one knows you! This gives you the freedom to try some new outfits or use a British accent if you want to have fun; there's nothing to be scared of.

  3. New is GOOD! New things teach you new lessons and introduce you to new feelings and experiences. Embrace the unfamiliarity, go out there, and thrive!


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