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Pilates Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive: Here is the ultimate guide to pilates at-home

The new hot thing in the wellness community is pilates. Not just any pilates, reformer pilates; Reformer pilates is a category of pilates that requires a reformer, a machine with a culmination of bands, ropes, and pulleys. This type of equipment can get unreasonably pricey. Most people don’t have the household space for clunky machinery—that’s okay, don’t fret!

Lucky for you, you don’t have to empty your wallet for a pilates workout. This kind of exercise can be executed without the need for heavy-duty machines. Let me tell you how!

Photo by @ElenaKloppenburg on Unsplash

What does pilates do?

The goal of pilates is to strengthen and tone your body with a concentration on core strength. Pilates also helps with increased flexibility, posture, and balance. A unique way to break it down is: a combination of yoga, cardio, and weight training. Except it’s all three in one convenient workout.

Just as reformer pilates exists, there is mat pilates. This is a type of pilates that solely requires a mat—it’s in the name. Pilates does however require a thicker mat for more cushion support on your bones.

So here are some great exercise mat options that are optimal for your pilates session:




WWWW Yoga Mat with Strap, Extra Wide



Now that you’ve got your mat in hand you’re almost ready to begin breaking that sweat.

However, before you hop on the mat, a cute workout set is crucial to feeling confident during your workout. A scientific study conducted in 2015, showed that depending on the clothes you wear can either positively or negatively impact your performance levels. This is why feeling good in your workout outfit is a must.

Here are some cute sets that will get you up and feeling confident:

Earth Scoop Unitard | girlfriend collective

Biketard | Los Angeles Apparel

You’ve got your stunning workout set on and your mat—thus your initiation has begun! It’s time to begin your journey getting toned. YouTube has a library full of playlist for Pilates workouts of various difficulty levels—Beginners, intermediate, expert, etc… ‘Move with Nicole’ on YouTube has every kind of workout you would need to effectively break a sweat. Her workouts are very detailed and easy to follow, which is perfect if you’re a beginner.

I've also included several other creators with amazing videos for your pilates use.

Now that you have all the necessary tools to begin your pilates journey it's officially time to get on that mat, get your cute set on, and crank up that workout video and you'll be toned for the summer with just the right amount of consistency. To get in shape effectively with pilates you will need to push for 20 minutes a day for at least three days a week. Alongside good eating habits as well, of course. Nonetheless, get out there and get sweating!


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