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The Wellness Benefits Of Using The Sauna

For thousands of years, people have been using thermotherapy and saunas for hygiene, health, spiritual, and even social purposes. For me, using a sauna is the perfect conclusion to my wellness routine to relax, sleep better, and detox my body.

There is nothing more calming than the moment the water hits the hot rocks– you can let yourself unwind into a tranquil state where your body is free from tension.

A few benefits of using sauna

  • Saunas increase blood circulation which help the body to relax. With the combination of aromatherapy, you can enhance the experience with oils like birch, eucalyptus, or peppermint.

  • It helps me sleep- doing a sauna session closer to bedtime elevates the body temperature easing you into a deeper sleep.

  • Under the heat of the sauna, our bodies naturally release endorphins allowing us to reach a feeling of bliss and let go of stress.

Detoxing & Pain Relief
  • With the release of endorphins, in combination with the dilation of blood vessels, our bodies can be less receptive to pain, allowing our muscles and joints to release tension.

  • After eating well, physical activity, and hydrating your body, the sauna is the perfect place to relax your sore muscles.

  • Sweating during your sauna session has also been known to release toxins from the body and skin, letting yourself cleanse from the inside out.

Skin Rejuvenation
  • After a deep sweat, your skin will be more cleansed and dead skin cells can be expelled from your pores. It is super important to rinse after the sauna to wash away the toxins that have been released from your skin. Sweating rinses the bacteria from your glands and the improved blood circulation will leave your skin looking soft and rejuvenated.

My sauna tips:

15 min sessions are all you need!

A session should go no more than 20 minutes, as you could risk dehydration. Don’t force yourself to stay in if you can’t do the full 15 minutes.

Use essential oils

The addition of essential oils can enhance the overall sauna experience and can add benefits depending on the oil of choice. Just add a few drops of oil to your water bucket, pour it over the hot rocks, and enjoy the relaxing aromas. Just don’t pour them directly on the stones as it could cause a chemical reaction and burn you.

Take off your jewelry!

The extreme heat of the sauna can cause your precious metals to heat up and even cause burns to the skin.

Never touch your skin to the wood

This one is to protect the sauna and to keep things clean. Even if you decide to enter with a bathing suit (I usually go without 😉), always use a towel under your body (and your feet) to soak up your sweat, this will protect the wood and prevent the spread of bacteria, keeping you and your sauna safe.

Always hydrate sufficiently

It is so important to drink water before entering the sauna to ensure you don’t get dehydrated and dizzy. The extreme temperatures cause the average person to pour out a pint of sweat according to Harvard Health, so stay hydrated. Additionally, you should drink up to 4 glasses of water after you exit the sauna to replenish what you’ve already sweated out.

If you are prone to dehydration, try a steam room

A steam room is similar to a sauna but without the dry heat- a steam room will fill up with vapor from a water boiler instead of the sauna’s hot rocks on the stove which helps you retain water.

Maybe it's time to upgrade your gym membership or get to the spa! After the gym, there is nothing more relaxing and soothing than a sauna.

** These are not the opinions or recommendations of a medical professional, but ones from my own personal experience. Consult with a doctor about your medical conditions to see if sauna and thermotherapy are for you.


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