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Cellulose Acetate: The Biodegradable Material Revolutionizing Claw Clips

Trends come and go but one that keeps coming back is the claw clip. This iconic accessory is both versatile, non-damaging to the hair, and just plain cute. With a multitude of styles and shapes, the plastic used to create these clips has a significant impact on the environment, that is why sustainable brands are opting for a plant-based plastic alternative, cellulose acetate.

Pictured above is one of the three claw clips recently launched by ESW Beauty, a clean skincare company that just branched out into their first merchandise line. This brand puts a heavy emphasis on sustainability with both their skincare and merch which is why they chose cellulose acetate as their material of choice.

What is Cellulose Acetate?

Unlike conventional petroleum-based plastics, cellulose acetate is biodegradable and does not require the burning of fossil fuels to manufacture. This bioplastic is made from cellulose synthetic fibers, specifically from cotton & tree pulp, which allows it to biodegrade. Where traditional plastics take hundreds of years to decompose, cellulose acetate begins to degrade.

Not to worry– this clip will not disintegrate in your hair, but when placed in environments built for decomposition, the cellulose fibers begin to degrade.

Not only is cellulose acetate biodegradable, but also recyclable. So before sending it to the landfill, think about recycling or upcycling. Contact your local recycling center for more information about how to recycle cellulose acetate.

Simply Better For Your Hair

Yes, better for our earth and better for your hair. Cellulose acetate claw clips have smooth surfaces without the typical plastic seams that conventional clips have, this means snag-free teeth that hold your hair securely.

This material is also favored by designer sunglass brands due to its flexibility, making it durable and the perfect choice for both claw clips and sunglasses alike.

If you’re interested in shopping one of ESW Beauty’s new eco-friendly claw clips from their Earth Self Wellness line, shop here

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