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My 2023 Skincare Predictions

2022 brought terrible trends in skincare such as deodorant as primer and sunscreen contouring, which leads me to wonder what other crazy trends will be donning our for you pages this year. Some trends, however, are made to last and may become staples in our skincare routines. Here are some of the trends I predict to see this year.

Lipcare & Bodycare

Skincare has become a big topic for many people and the craze continues. People are no longer forgetting to take care of the rest of their skin. Trendy lip care products and body oils will bring a rise in the lip & body care trends. I would expect to see more products that are multi-use and can take care of the rest of your body as well.

Tinted Sunscreen

Almost any Gen-z will tell you the final step to their skincare routine is SPF. It has become such a staple with the awareness of sun damage that I expect to see a lot more sunscreen skincare products. Tinted serums containing SPF are already popularizing and will be likely be the newest craze of 2023.

Skincare & Makeup Hybrids

The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is not going away this year and cosmetic companies are listening. Gone are the days for packing on powder, makeup will now be skincare-centric and have a lot more to it than just pigment. Even cosmetic stores, like Sephora, are filling their shelves with more skincare brands. Beauty & cosmetic brands are noticing the average makeup bag contains more skincare than makeup, and they will evolve with demand.

Transparent Ingredients

Consumers are reading a lot closer when it comes to the ingredients in their skincare. Ingredient lists are becoming the main event and shoppers are saying no to toxic ingredients. Many shoppers are using apps, like Yuka, to evaluate the safety of their products before purchasing so brands will be forced to come clean and change their formulations.


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