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How I Would Style A Claw Clip For Every Occasion

Choosing the perfect hairstyle can be difficult but luckily claw clips make it any hairstyle look effortless and easy! Here is how I would style a few of my favorite hair accessories for different occasions!

Resort Getaway:

Keep your hair at bay on a tropical vacation with our new Resort Ready Cloud Claw Clip. This clip will make even beach hair look put together and effortless so throw your hair back, put on a cute outfit and get exploring!

How to wear: Depending on your hair type or the mood you’re in you can style this clip in many ways. Throw all your hair up in a quick updo or even pull your bangs back for a classy half up half down look.

Date Night:

My favorite night of the week! Spice up any date night look with a fun, full updo! This Date Night Claw Clip is the elegant accessory that will compliment your date outfit perfectly. Throw your hair up and hit the town with this functional hairstyle!

How to wear: This will be your main updo claw clip! Whether you style it twisted up or play around with the Y2K wispies style - you can rest assured that this clip will keep your hair looking flawless.

Happy Hour:

When 5 o’clock hits, it's time to get happy at happy hour. Keep yourself looking your best after a long day at the office with our Happy Hour Claw Clip! This half up half down look is perfect for a fun look after your 9-5.

How to wear: If you have thin- medium hair- this is the perfect clip for quick and easy updo on the way out of work, but you can also style it in a half up half down look for those with curler and thicker hair.


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