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The Certified Compostable Sheet Masks That Just Hit The Market

ESW Beauty has transformed the single-use skincare world with their newest sheet masks that are 100% certified compostable with 0% guilt. At a time where conscious consumption is a must, these sheet masks are a no-brainer. Their sheet masks are made from a sustainable and compostable material called cupra and their outer pouch packaging is recyclable!

What Is Cupra?

Cupra cotton is a specialized cotton fabric that derives from cotton linter. Cotton linter is the discarded portion from the cotton processing step and we reuse it to give it a new life in the form of their sheet masks. When reused, this cotton linter can be composted– and it’s vegan! This makes the material super environmentally-friendly and gentle on the Earth and on our oceans.

Cupra is also known for its soft texture and serum absorption, making it the perfect material to carry the creamy, thick plant-based milk serum for a premium selfcare experience.

How Do You Compost Them?

ESW Beauty sheet masks are certified compostable at your home or in industrial facilities, so you don’t have to worry about where you’re tossing them! They are also certified to biodegrade in both soil and marine environments.

There are a few ways you can prep your sheet masks before tossing them in the compost bin. Though the serum is all natural and the mask is ready to compost, it is always a good idea to take these few steps to help the mask decompose faster.

  1. Rinse the sheet mask and leave it out to until it is completely dry

  2. Cut the sheet into smaller pieces

  3. Toss it in your compost bin (or send it to your community’s industrial compost facility)

To find local composting hosts in your community, sign up on

Watch The Masks Decompose

The Plant-Based Milk Sheet Masks were certified by an independent multinational certification agency, well-known for evaluating sustainability claims for consumer products. The demonstration is done by mixing the cupra fabric with compost and incubating in a dark place at 82.4°F (28°C).

So Why Compost?

Composting is an amazing way to feed soil with the nutrients it needs to keep our ecosystems healthy and fertile. Compost can improve the soil with the added nutrients, even balancing the PH of soil. The addition of compost can improve infiltration, allowing for better moisture retention and promoting healthier water cycles.


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