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The Best Probiotic Foods For Vegans

If you’re looking to add probiotics into your diet in a cruelty-free way, you can try vegan probiotics. Not everyone is looking to add another supplement into their lifestyle so knowing which foods to eat can help you instantly get more probiotics into your diet. The foods below are probiotics you may already even be familiar with!


Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish that consists of spicy, fermented cabbage. It is filled with probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants– and it’s super delicious. Kimchi can be made at home or found in some markets. Note that some kimchi contains seafood so vegans should take extra care and look at the ingredients.


Similar to Kimchi is sauerkraut, a fermented cabbage dish that comes from Eastern European cultures. Not only is sauerkraut rich in probiotics, but it is high in vitamins C & K as well as potassium. If you’re looking for sauerkraut high in beneficial bacteria, look for unpasteurized products. Eating just a tablespoon a day can really benefit your gut health.


Sipping on a little kombucha is the perfect way to get probiotics and antioxidants into your diet. Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that can also have anti-inflammatory properties. You can even brew it yourself– all you need is a yeast & bacteria culture called a SCOBY, which is filled with beneficial microorganisms.

Look closely at your labels as kombucha can contain low levels of alcohol and may not be suitable for those who are pregnant.

Kombucha does have a strong flavor and fizzy profile that isn't for everyone, but to many it's a delicious staple in their beverage rotation.

Pickled Veggies

I love this option because you can make it your own. Pick your favorite veggie, whether it’s carrots, cucumbers, radishes, or bell peppers, and ferment them in a brine to create a probiotic-rich snack, topping, or side dish that is vegan. You can really ferment almost anything.

If you’re a lover of spice, try adding peppercorns or even adding garlic or bay leaves for extra flavor. Enjoy in moderation as pickled veggies can be high in sodium.

Pickled cucumbers, or as we call them, pickles, are low in calories and filled with amazing vitamins like A, C, & K. Pickles can come in so many varieties and delicious flavors that can really spice up your pickle selection.


Tempeh, made from fermented soybeans, can be a delicious meat alternative when cooking, just like its counterpart tofu. This ingredient is an easy way to incorporate probiotics and protein into your diet. Many use tempeh in salads, protein bowls, on sandwiches, or just as a general meat replacement.

Water Kefir

Like kombucha, water kefir is a probiotic beverage made with bacteria and yeast cultures. Using water kefir grains, you can ferment coconut water or juice to make this delicious fizzy drink. Water kefir can improve immunity & health.

Not to be confused with milk based kefir, these are dairy-based and not vegan.


Another fermented soybean dish that can enhance your gut health is miso. It contains a lot of probiotics and is rich in antioxidants, B vitamins & minerals. Miso is commonly eaten in soup form but can also go great in salad dressings, sauces, & marinades.

With miso, it’s best to prepare warm– if it’s heated too high, it can kill the probiotic bacteria.


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