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Staying Sporty With Your Partner Is The New ‘Netflix and Chill’

As a serial long-term dater, I have a pretty good understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in a relationship. When you think of romance, I’ll admit, the first thing that comes to mind is likely not sports, but studies have shown that staying fit with your significant other is the key to a happy and long-lasting relationship.

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Instead of heading to the movies or catching a late dinner, plan for a Saturday morning sport outing. Find an activity that you can learn together or share your favorite with your significant other. The benefits will not only affect you as an individual, but will tighten your connection with your partner.

Quality Time: The Love Language We All Need

Spending quality time together is the much needed human connection we all desire that will strengthen the bond between you and your lover. By doing something outside of your routine, you'll find that you enjoy each other’s company even more. As a person who appreciates alone time, I find doing an activity with my partner is time worth spending together and beats those mindless movie nights.

All About Teamwork

Yes, we all know the feeling when you’ve spent too much time with someone, but spending time doing a shared activity has actually been proven to help build your teamwork abilities. Learning to work together decreases the amount of arguments and stress between the two of you. We all know how important it is to build a good working relationship with your partner, otherwise you’ll face issues when the going gets tough.

It’s Chemical ;)

We all know that there are all kinds of chemicals and hormones flying around when you’re in love; sports can release the feel-good chemicals that actually mirror the ones released during attraction. Doing sports can actually cause the body to respond the same way it does when you’re feeling spicy, so try working up a sweat together!

A Boost For Mental Health & Confidence

We’re all just looking for a mood booster these days. Sports have a positive impact on mental health and help relieve stress which promotes a better self-esteem and allows you to be your best self. The new-found shared confidence is sure to spice up your relationship, after all, what’s more attractive than self-confidence?

Mutual Motivation

Be accountable for one another, it will help inspire healthy habits in your lives and honestly, sometimes we just need a buddy. We all have those days where we have to dig deep for the motivation to hit the gym, having a fun activity to look forward to with your significant other will help you both take on a healthier lifestyle. Influence each other to live your best lives- you’ll both be looking good and feeling the love.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Activities You Can Try Together:
  • Running

  • Golf

  • Tennis

  • Boxing

  • Cycling

  • Yoga

  • Hiking

  • Climbing

Let’s not wait for the breakup to get fit. Encourage healthy lifestyles and take up one of these sports with your significant other. You’ll start to see a tighter bond between the two of you and feel more united in your relationship. I know I’ll be grabbing a racket and serving up some quality time with my bae– wish me luck!


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