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Staple Wardrobe Pieces You Need For Winter

To keep a sustainable wardrobe year round, you should have a few staple pieces for winter that can carry you through the winter months. Layering and adding different elements can help you transition from season to season. Here are a few winter pieces that can help you create your ultimate capsule wardrobe.

Capsule wardrobes, if you are not familiar, are simplified wardrobes where you can interchange items in order to have a sustainable and versatile style.

To learn more about creating a capsule wardrobe, read here.

Neutral or Black Coat

Easy and effortless– throw on a neutral or black coat, like this trench, to complete your winter style. I love a neutral coat that can go with any look and tie it all together.

Photo by @vitaliia on Instagram
Cream Knit Pullover

The easiest way to layer in the winter is to have a cream knit pullover. Throw it on over a tank or a long sleeve for additional warmth this season.

Photo by NA-KD
Neutral Turtleneck

Neutral turtle necks, like this camel colored one, or even a simple & sleek black one, are the perfect staples for your capsule wardrobe. The turtleneck style is one that has withstood the test of time and makes the most useful addition to your winter lineup.

Photo by Lulu’s
Cardigans & Blazers

Throwing on a blazer or cardigan makes the perfect layer between your pullover and your coat. I love a simple checkered or an oversized black blazer for a little extra warmth and structured style.

Photo by Christa Brady on Pinterest
Sweater Dress

The key to maintaining a feminine, winter wardrobe is the sweater dress. A knee length or longer sweater dress makes for an elegant piece that you can dress up or down.

Photo by Lulu’s
Black Tights

In order to get the most out of your wardrobe, use black tights to easily winterize your dresses and skirts. Black tights are the perfect way to class up a look and keep you warm with style.

Photo by @saintbella_
Simple Scarfs

I think the longest lasting item from my winter wardrobe has been my gray oversized scarf. Throughout the style changes of y2k, my neutral scarf has outlasted and fit in perfectly into every fashion era.

Photo By Michelle Tran
Chelsea Boot

A simple semi-waterproof staple for your capsule wardrobe is the chelsea boot. I find this shoe lasts me from Fall to Spring and is an easy throw on that works with most styles. This boot comes in flat, heeled, or platform styles– something for everyone and every occasion.

Photo by CalidiStore


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