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A Capsule Wardrobe is the Answer to a Sustainable Wardrobe

Fast fashion and over consumption has been increasing with the abundance of SHEIN hauls flooding social media—namely TikTok. Even those who love to thrift are finding themselves falling victim to the trap of over-consumption. It doesn’t have to be this way—I promise.

While capitalism continues to promote overconsumption, capsule wardrobes are a way to reject the status quo. A capsule wardrobe allows for interchangeable outfits with a lot less clothing pieces. It is a great way to contest the ever-so changing trend cycles that are only accelerating with online cultures’ obsession with buying whatever is trendy at the moment.

Creating a capsule wardrobe is overall better for the environment as it helps restrict over-consumption. As trends cycle 14 million tons of clothes get thrown away annually. These discarded clothing pieces then end up in landfills, where the textiles secrete carbon emissions into the soil alongside our groundwater.

Photo by @lintin9095 on Unsplash

To obtain a capsule wardrobe means to solidify a personal style. Establishing a personal style will not only limit you with your consumption of clothes but also aid you in your journey to creating an entire capsule wardrobe.

Another important factor to consider when curating your capsule wardrobe is the amount of clothes in your closet. Since a capsule wardrobe is straying away from cluttering your closet with 20% of clothes that you don’t wear. This doesn't mean you should rush to your closet to trash all your clothes and buy a new wardrobe either. That defeats the purpose of the sustainability aspect we are ultimately trying to achieve.

To begin crafting the perfect capsule wardrobe try finding basics that meet your personal style requirements.

Here are some wardrobe staples to invest in when considering about a capsule wardrobe:


T-shirts should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe. I find that I have the issue of having too many statement pieces and a lack of basics. To start with the basics, means, to start with the most basic form of clothing—a t-shirt. You can wear graphic tees, plain tees, cropped tees, whatever your overconsuming heart desires!


I have found that, for me, the most versatile clothing item is my button-downs. Long sleeve, short sleeve, there’s always some way to style a button-down fashionably. They make great layering pieces, great pieces for work, summer staples, the multi–facetedness of the button down is truly infinite.


Jeans are tricky because there is no universal style of jean that is classically accepted. As of now the thought of skinny jeans disgust most Gen Z. It seems as though the jean silhouette that is currently popular is constantly changing. So for this, go for the style of jeans that you find most comfortable and confident in. Whether that be skinny, high-waisted, low-waisted, mid-rise, get what you think would be a great long term wear for yourself.


Of course you should have a jacket on hand. Especially in the winter, layering can enhance an outfit and create more dimension. Leather jackets never really go out of style, moto, leather blazers, leather trenches, they have all been consistently a fan favorite from fashion-lovers everywhere. Though due to the unethical factor of a leather jacket, vegan leather might be a safer option. Even denim jackets seem to consistently find their way into people's closets. So maybe opt for these types of jackets as their versatility is endless.

White shoes

Who doesn’t wear white shoes? White shoes might just be the most popular shoe color out there—I could be wrong. It seems that way. Regardless, white shoes are extremely versatile and are a staple everyone should purchase. In recent years some white shoe silhouettes that have been popularized are the Nike Air Force 1’s. You don’t have to purchase them, whatever white shoe nestles right into your personal style might be worth the investment.

Here are some of my top picks for white sneakers:

New Balance 574 | NIMBUS WHITE


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