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6 Best Tabletop Compost Bins For Your Kitchen

If you are interested in lowering your impact and want to reduce your landfill contributions by composting, I have the perfect recommendations for simple & easy composting bins that fit right on your countertop! Below I have options that range from convenience, to aesthetic and even a luxury option for the truly mess-free experience.

Most Aesthetic
  • This ceramic bin comes in 3 colors and is made from ceramic with a steel handle

  • Has smell-free charcoal filters

  • 1 gal

Luxury Composter
  • Pest & Odor-free bin that is also a composter

  • Instantly composts your scraps in about 4-8 hours

  • Turns your compost into plant-friendly nutrients

  • 3L

Most Convenient
  • This bin’s wire rim conveniently clips to your cabinets for easy access when cooking

  • It’s also smell free because it is made to store in the freezer where it will stay fresh and be out of sight.

  • 0.6 gal

  • BPA Free

Most Cost Effective
  • Vented compost bin made from recycled plastics

  • Compatible with most accessible compostable bags

  • 2-3 gal

  • BPA Free

Easiest Cleanup
  • Convenient plastic bin with handle

  • Comes apart easily and has a smooth interior for easy cleanups

  • 1.75 gal

Best Overall
  • Made from recycled plastic and partially recycled steel

  • Button for mess-free opening

  • 1.5 gal

  • Comes with 5 free compostable bags


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