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Phones Are Just Too Addicting: Here Is How To Reduce Your Screen Time

With social media algorithms custom-designed to capture our attention for long periods of time—it can be hard to detach yourself from your phone.

Social media apps like Tik Tok have specially-curated algorithms designed to keep its user base constantly stimulated with quick-fix dopamine. This makes it nearly impossible to ever leave the app. Here are some things to do as a supplement to your extreme social media usage.

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Music and a hot girl walk

Everyone likes music, right? Well if the weather permits, get up and head outside for a hot girl stroll with your preferred music playlist. Or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, go on a run to sweat off all that screen time. Feel free to add some ankle or wrist weights to further jazz up your walk. Reference our article, "My Perfect hOT Girl Walk" for more infromation on how to perfect your ultimate hot girl walk.

Read a book

Wait, books still exist? Yes. Books do in fact still exist. To avoid the continual eye-strain, pick up a book and get to reading! Much like phones, books are portable so you can take them anywhere you desire. My goto spots for a good book reading session is either sprawled out on a blanket at a park, or the beach, while the sun bathes me with its warmth.

Taking up a new hobby

I truly believe that a lack of hobbies causes us to resort to our phones. So try out something new! There are an endless amount of hobbies to indulge in. Crocheting seems to be a popular hobby amongst many Gen Z’ers.


I am a proud foodie, so oftentimes, I find myself baking as a way to disconnect from my cellular device. There are many things to bake, baking doesn’t even have to be unhealthy! There are tons of healthy recipes and recipes catered to specific diets. One thing phones are particularly helpful for is having the internet on hand at all times. Don’t be afraid to try out a new baking recipe, worse-comes-to-worse, the recipe doesn’t work out. You can always try again.

Organize your closet

If you are anything like myself, your closet is probably a dysfunctional mess that you have been avoiding for the past several months. It doesn’t help that phones feed our dopamine receptors easily making it hard to keep focus for rather easy tasks. Next time you find that you need a break, take this time to organize anything that you have been putting on the back burner a while.


Thrifting is a great activity that requires your full attention if you want to find the golden items at a thrift store. Thrifting is typically a relatively cheap activity to do by yourself or with friends. Next time you find yourself with a little extra cash, head down to your local thrift for some good finds.


Phones are so distracting it can hinder your selfcare—I’m talking hygiene, skincare, haircare, the list goes on. Taking time away from your phone to dedicate time to yourself is crucial. Start with a good shower followed by

a hair mask to get the dead-ends sealed. Once out the shower starts steaming that face and locks in the moisture with a sheet mask. A sheet mask such as our ‘Deep Detox’ helps rid you of the gunk in your pores.

In no time you’ll be smelling great and looking good too. All thanks to putting your phone down for more hours than you spend on it.


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