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My Perfect Hot Girl Walk Set Up

Personally, I love myself a Hot Girl Walk. It is relaxing, de-stressing and centering after a long and busy day. It is equally as great to start off your day with as you are able to go over your intentions for the day. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s a quick definition: it is a wellness routine involving walking and other tasks that make you feel grounded and reset.

But every great walk sometimes requires more than just your feet. Here are my must haves for my perfect hot girl walk:

Cute Headphones

Cute headphones are one of my essentials on a walk. Wearing a pair that you love and are comfortable will only elevate your experience! I wear my Beats Solo Wireless headphones and pop on my favorite podcast or playlist at the time.


Ankle Weights

If you’re an experienced walker or even just more of a challenge, ankle weights are any way to spice up your walk. I opt for the Bala Bangles 1lb weights for a bit more of a workout. Ankle weights are great because they allow your muscles to activate even if you aren’t using them, helping tone and strengthen your legs.

Dick's Sporting Goods

My Favorite Podcast

Podcasts are a must for me on a walk! They help me stay focused and motivated throughout the day. I’ll pop on one of my favorites from Spotify and get walking! Some of my favorites include Chicks in the Office, MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth and Fun on Weekdays with Jenna Palek!


A Cute Athletic Outfit

Nothing motivates me more than a cute athletic outfit to go workout in! Picking out the outfit I am going to wear on my walk is a part of my ritual (& might be my favorite part!)


My Favorite Sneakers

Nothing completes the look quite like the shoes! You’re going to want to choose shoes that you feel comfortable in. I love my Nike Air Max 270s, they are lightweight and offer me so much support while walking.


I find that all of the items above enhance my Hot Girl Walk and help motivate me to get outside more. Walking has helped better my focus, anxiety and overall wellness. Get outside and hot girl walk if you haven’t today!


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