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I’ve Been Eating The Viral Coconut Cult Probiotic Yogurt And Here’s What Happened…

So we’ve all seen the Coconut Cult Prebiotic Yogurt go viral on Tik Tok. Well, I got my hands on a few bottles and I’ve actually been testing it out for 2 weeks now. I am not a yogurt person and yet I decided to test out this pricey yogurt for myself and here’s what happened:

1. My skin cleared up

Before I started eating Cococult daily,

my skin was suffering from stubborn breakouts that wouldn’t go away for a few weeks. When I started the 2 tablespoons of this yogurt, I noticed that a week later the breakouts were significantly less inflamed and by week 2 most of them were completely gone. Since then, I have consistently been eating Cococult’s probiotic yogurt daily and I noticed a huge improvement in my skin tone, texture, and overall redness.

2. My bloating has significantly diminished

I’ve always suffered from bloating no matter what I eat, which could definitely have to do with poor gut health. The probiotics in this yogurt have definitely helped keep my bloating at bay overall. I have noticed a significant difference day to day in how foods would affect my bloating.

3. My stomach issues have cleared up

My stomach issues are something I could never pinpoint an exact cause to. I used to take a probiotic daily but it didn’t always work to the extent I wanted it to. When trying Coconut Cult, I immediately felt my stomach sensitivity go down. My stomach was less irritable and I felt like it was overall stronger. There are billions of strains of probiotics in this yogurt, which I think has definitely contributed to the noticeable difference I have felt within the past few weeks.

I know a yogurt cannot be magic and solve all of my problems, but this Coconut Cult yogurt definitely checks a lot of boxes for me! I normally cannot stand the taste of yogurt and my body doesn’t react well to dairy. Somehow, I enjoy the taste of this product and I especially enjoy it being vegan! Though the product is completely sold out now, I will definitely continue to take it daily and see how much more it can do for me after months!


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