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Why I Drink Chlorophyll Daily

Are you looking to up the amount of greens you intake each day? Try adding chlorophyll drops into your water to help boost your daily dose!

Chlorophyll can be found in most plants and contains a lot of amazing benefits including skin healing properties, blood building and can even be used as a natural deodorant! Though I can’t speak for everyone, this is just my personal experience.

I don’t always eat as many veggies as I want to in a day and some days I just forget! That is why I enjoy using chlorophyll drops in the morning so I know I am covered for the day.

  • Acne: After using them for some time, I noticed a huge difference in my skin and overall health. The first to note is my acne, I suffer from hormonal and cystic acne that is oftentimes hard to control. Chlorophyll drops have helped me get an extra dose of vitamins and nutrients found in vegetables everyday, which in turn helps support my skin. Chlorophyll has shown a possible effect to reduce inflammation and that is exactly the result I saw in my skin. My acne was less red and sore and did not appear as often as it did in the past.

  • Body Odor: The second effect I noticed was that my body odor had lessened over the course of drinking chlorophyll everyday. Chlorophyll was used to neutralize odors in the 1940s, though there is not much research since, I, personally, noticed a difference in my body odor and found that I did not have to reapply deodorant as much as I used to throughout the day!

  • Digestive Health: Lastly, I found while ingesting chlorophyll drops, my overall digestive health is better. I suffer from bloating frequently and with the drops I noticed I was less bloated and did not have as many stomach aches as I would normally in the past.

Overall, you can reap the benefits of chlorophyll in many different ways such as eating vegetables often or opting for concentrated chlorophyll. Using chlorophyll drops in my day-to-day life works best for me, but it may not be what works best for you! All in all, I wanted to share my experiences with you and the benefits I have seen overtime!


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