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Which Plants To Buy For Your Home & Why

Plants can have a very positive and powerful impact on an individual’s home. They can in fact make a house a home. But what plants should you have in your home? Let’s dive into that!

1. Snake Plant

Attention all allergy sufferers! You need a snake plant! These plants are low maintenance and help add moisture into the air. Stay goodbye to dry air and hello to easy breathing.

2. Lavender

The perfect cure to all stress and anxiety! This pretty plant is perfect to add some relaxation into your life. You can use it as an herb in your self care routines or even make a lavender flavored matcha with it!


If you have sensitive or irritated skin you need an aloe plant in your life! Of course in the summer aloe is a great resource for soothing sunburn, but aloe can be used topically all year round in your skincare routine.


One of the most popular house plants and for good reason! Pothos are easy to take care of and can be neglected often. They are also great for purifying the air around you naturally and relieving irritation.


Lastly, try a basil plant! If you love cooking, like me, there is no surprise that this would be on the list, but even if you don’t enjoy cooking, basil still has amazing uses such as aromatherapy. Basil contains a high amount of an organic compound called linalool, commonly used in aromatherapy practices.


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