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What’s Their Skin Secret? Skincare Conversations With Real People

If you caught last week’s article where I asked models in the industry their skin secrets, you'll love part two. Real people, real tips. I asked people with all different lifestyles how they incorporate skincare into their days, and here’s what they shared.


Child Life Specialist

My new favorite is a face serum at night! I also love using my jade roller after it’s been in the freezer!



TONER! I used to have a skincare routine without toner, but I was still breaking out and it wasn’t until I started using toner that my skin was clearing up. I did not realize it could be so beneficial.



I gua sha every morning. I use niacinamide for when I have spots.


Medical Student

My biggest skin care tip is using a daily moisturizer with spf in it! As I age, I have gained such an appreciation for the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. This is definitely something I can’t go without during my morning routine, and the bonus is it keeps my skin hydrated—especially in the dry winter months (when spf is equally important 😉).



My skin care routine is all about keeping it simple! I use a hydrating facial cleanser followed by a daily cream moisturizer. Every 3-4 weeks I dermaplane my face to exfoliate, and I’ll try to throw in a face mask or two throughout the month. But if you want to know my biggest secret to clear skin… it’s sweating from a good workout and drinking plenty of water throughout the day!


Registered Nurse

I use a gentle cleanser and then put on a lotion with SPF. Sometimes I do masks [with my boyfriend] for relaxation.


Sales Rep

For me, the most important thing is routine. I like to make sure I am eating well, balancing my stress, and then doing my skincare. I find that putting good foods in your body gives a wayyy better complexion. There’s also nothing more motivating than getting a zit and knowing you need to step up your game with your lifestyle.

I love using a sheet mask for a relaxation moment.


Stay At Home Mom

When life is getting crazy at home, I love using a sheet mask for a relaxation moment. I wouldn’t live without hyaluronic acid, peptides, and retinol in my routine.


Real Estate Agent

I like to go for regular facials every month but on a day to day, I double cleanse, oil, and moisturize. Depending on what I think my skin is needing that day, I use a different oil for my routine. I never skip SPF, even in the winter, and try not to sleep with my makeup on.


Nursing Student

The less products, the better for my skin. I live off clean ingredients now and only use cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.


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