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What’s Their Skin Secret? Skincare Conversations With Real Models

Ever wonder how models stay on top of their skincare game? You can scroll social media, or flip through magazines and see the clearest, most glowing skin. I worked in the industry for over 6 years and you won't believe the stress a model’s skin can go through. In fact, most models deal with serious skin issues too, as one model shared, it’s mostly in private and away from the eyes of social media. I reached out to real models in the industry for their best skin secrets, and here’s what they shared.


Being a model and dealing with acne isn’t always easy, there are days where my skin is flawless and the next where I’m trying to cover up 3 new pimples before a casting. I’ve learned it’s something all of us female models go through.. just mostly in private. Good skin is hard to maintain and I’m still trying to figure it out but I love to spot treat with my starface patches and stay moisturized with hyaluronic acid & my Neutrogena hydro boost moisturizer (:


I would say gut health is CRUCIAL. Your skin 100% reflects your health & your gut controls just about everything in your body. If you’re neglecting your health on the inside then the products you’re using topically aren’t going to cure any concerns in the long run. While high quality skincare 100% makes a difference - holistic health is also key


My top ride or die brands are Jan Marini + Osea for higher end, & CeraVe + La Roche-Posay for more affordable options!


My tip would be to incorporate skin cycling in your skincare routine. I’ve noticed that it’s improved the feeling and look of my skin since I’ve focused on moisturizing and soothing my skin. I feel like this is especially helpful in the winter when my skin is dry. It’s especially helpful when it comes to achieving the glass skin look.


Every morning and night I wash my face with La Roche-Posay Effaclar cleansing gel. In the morning, Azeliac Acid Suspension 10% and at night Retinoid 2% emulsion by the Ordinary. 50 SPF sunscreen everyday.


I think the secret is keeping it simple but also investing in quality products. I have dry and sensitive skin so I tend to go for creamy cleansers and moisturizers. I do a gentle foam cleanser, aha serum 2-3 days a week, and moisturizer– then I’ll pat oil on top. Also sunscreen every day- I use super goop. I love using the Nuface facial toning device…snatches my cheekbones. When I feel puffy, I ice roll my face. And of course- eye cream.


My best skincare tip is double cleansing at night! I use a cleansing balm of oil and then my normal face wash second! I think that’s really helped my skin.


Using a frozen cucumber to rub on my face before bed and when I wake up helps with hydration, reduces puffiness, promotes skin brightness and prevents premature aging.


My skin is something I’ve spent sooo much time and money on. Sea moss gel is a hands down the top thing I go to for anything and everything. Externally & internally it helps so much. I have spent so much money on so many different products, dermatologists, and tools & the one thing I’ve stayed consistent to and seen the biggest, fastest results with is sea moss.


I always, always double cleanse at night. Oil cleanser then regular cleanser with my Foreo– cleansing with my hands doesn’t feel as thorough. And almost always take my makeup off right away after shoots to let my skin brreeaaatthe. AM: Sometimes I just splash with cold water unless I’ve worked out. Then I follow up with my toner, essence, serums, eye cream, and face oil.

Holy grail tool: gua sha. I started doing gua sha on my face and neck nearly every morning. It’s definitely one of the best habits that I’ve added to my routine. It feels incredible to get the circulation going in my face and neck and also just feeling and seeing any puffiness instantly diminish after using. My face looks more lifted as well. I also use it to work on my neck because it tends to get quite stiff. Using the gua sha a bit heavier [in pressure] helps to relieve built up tension. I just feel so awake afterwards!


My top skincare tips are to stay hydrated, use daily SPF & always remove makeup before bed. I wash my face the first thing in the morning with a fragrance-free cleanser, followed by a spritz of toner & moisturizer. My nighttime routine is pretty similar with the same cleanser and toner, but I add in a night serum before applying moisturizer.


Moisturize daily at the very least when taking care of your skin and don’t abandon your neck when doing so! Throwing in a liquid exfoliant twice a week also does wonders for making my face feel brand new.


Two years ago I started to notice a couple of little lines of expression under my eyes and so skincare became very important to me. I started to hydrate and take better care of my skin. With that, I started to question what else I could do to improve so I started cleansing in the morning with a foam– I use mostly hydrating makeup products. A VERY important step for me is sunscreen on the face and neck. Once a week I like to use an exfoliating scrub because it helps me with my acne. At night, I never go to sleep without removing my makeup– I cleanse with a foam or with micellar water and later I use a lot of moisturizing cream because I have very dry skin.


My skincare routine is honestly very simple, I usually have a good facial bar soap to wash my face with every morning/ night and I use an unscented moisturizer for my face (The Ordinary or Cerave). The key for me is to try to use products that are clean and avoid fragrances and too many chemicals, they don’t have to be expensive or trendy. Once in a while I will also do masks, but my skin can be sensitive so I choose masks without ingredients that can be harsh on my skin.

I also maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle, I avoid sugar for the most part, so I think this helps my face stay clear consistently! I think sleep is super important as well, I am getting better at it, but I definitely see a difference when I sleep well!

Aside from my routine, I try to always have SPF and wear a hat when I know I am going to be exposed to the sun for a while. This just helps ensure I protect my skin from excess exposure in the long-run.


I always double cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize, plus sunscreen during the day. I try to use products with simple and non-irritating ingredients. Once in a while I love using the gua sha!

The secret’s out! Which skincare tip are you picking up?


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