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What’s With Prebiotic Soda?


As I sit here sipping on my favorite prebiotic soda, I can’t help but wonder if these sodas really do all they claim or if I’m just wasting my time. Prebiotic sodas have been the latest health trend packed with way more benefits than diet soda alone. These sodas like Poppi and Olipop claim to support digestive health with prebiotics like apple cider vinegar and plant fiber.

The first and simplest benefit I see to these prebiotic sodas is that they are a healthy alternative to most sodas and other sugary beverages. One 12oz can of Olipop contains 2 grams of sugar while the same size can of Coca Cola contains 39 grams. First off, wow, I knew Coca Cola had a ton of sugar in it but 37 more grams of sugar than the cream soda Olipop I am drinking right now - wow.

Let’s talk about prebiotics and their relationship with probiotics though because they are not the same! Probiotics are the helpful bacteria, like live microorganisms, that help repair gut flora, while prebiotics are what feed probiotics and keep them going. Because of this, I would suggest taking a probiotic daily if you really want to see the benefits of a prebiotic soda.


But why prebiotic soda? Is that the only way to get prebiotics in your diet? Of course not. There are many alternatives to these healthy beverages that can help keep your gut strong and healthy such as foods like garlic, onions, bananas, and asparagus, all of which are high in prebiotics naturally. You can also choose to consume a prebiotic supplement daily.

So whether you just like the taste, looking to cut back on traditional sugary drinks or you’re looking to up your gut health - these prebiotic sodas can be a great asset to help your journey but it isn’t magic on its own!

Now that I discussed anything you would ever need to know about prebiotic soda, which should you buy? Honestly it all depends on what you like and what your goals are but here are a few of my personal favorites:

Prebiotic Sodas I like:

Olipop Cream Soda

Poppi Raspberry Rose

Wild Wonder Guava Rose


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