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My Matcha Morning Routine

I think I’ve perfected my morning routine for mind and body and you wouldn’t guess the star ingredient of my routine - Matcha. Over the past few years, matcha has become one of the staples in my everyday life and not just in ways you may think. Yes, I make myself a matcha latte almost every morning - but it doesn’t stop there. Within a couple months it has also become the star ingredient in my A.M. skincare routine and heres why!

My Morning Matcha Almond Milk Latte

I’ve always loved matcha but recently I made the complete switch from my morning coffee to morning matcha. You can read more about that transition and why in a previous article linked here, but some of the main takeaways for me were a decrease in anxiety due to L-Theanine present in matcha as well as a more settled stomach overall.

Lately, my matcha recipe has been looking something like this:


  • ¾ Teaspoon of ceremonial grade matcha powder

  • 3oz of boiling water

  • 1 Teaspoon of agave

  • Almond milk

I like to start by whisking my matcha mixture together and as I am doing that, I also begin to frothe my almond milk into a cold foam on top of my latte. Once everything is combined, I add a teaspoon of agave to my matcha and fill my glass up with ice (I prefer my matcha lattes cold). I then top off my matcha with my almond milk cold foam and let my latte slowly revive me for the day ahead.

My Morning Matcha Almond Milk Radiance Plant-Based Milk Mask

One matcha isn’t enough for me most days - so I often use one of my Matcha Almond Milk Radiance Plant-Based Milk Sheet Masks in the morning to help awaken my tired skin. Some days, I don’t get much sleep but when I use this sheet mask, you would never know! It contains matcha and almond milk extracts which are helpful for reducing inflammation and evening skin tone as well as providing soothing, calming, and renewing benefits for your skin. After I use this sheet mask and have had a few sips of my matcha latte, I instantly feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Most days I usually just stick to skincare but in the event that I decide to wear some makeup, this sheet mask makes the perfect primer and keeps my makeup looking soft, glowly, and natural all day long!

If you’re looking to revamp your morning - I would definitely think about incorporating matcha into your routine!


ESW Beauty Raw Juice Sheet Masks.jpg

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