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Made With Care: Behind Producing ESW Beauty’s New Line

You ever wonder exactly how the products you use on your skin are formulated and how the right ingredients are chosen? ESW Beauty values carefully selected, clean & vegan ingredients that are both cruelty-free and sustainably made. For their new plant-based inspired sheet mask line, they wanted to ensure their theme and their core values were both reflected in the formulation. From the factory to your face– read more to find out exactly what went into creating their new products.

Where does it all start?

With a new concept comes new challenges– the plant-based milk theme selected by co-founder, Elina Sofia Wang, came from a vision of continuing her healthy living and beverage motifs. To hear more about the creative process from her, read her article

“we didn’t want to just reproduce our first sheet mask line but make this one its own unique experience” says member from ESW Beauty’s creative team

The team shared that the Plant-Based Milk line had to be the thickest, creamiest serum yet and they wanted to ensure it was the perfect formulation, maintaining their standards for clean & vegan ingredients that are produced in a cruelty-free & sustainable manner. Their sheet masks are formulated in South Korea, which has some of the best skincare manufacturers in the world and are known for their advances in skincare technology.

The Process

Selecting the right manufacturer allowed ESW Beauty to take their sustainability efforts to the next level. The Plant-Based Milk Sheet Masks by ESW Beauty are certified compostable and will break down in your home or industrial compost facilities.

Read here to learn more about sheet mask compostability.

The ESW Beauty team always travels on-site to oversee the process ensuring their manufacturer abides by their core values. The raw, hand-selected ingredients are added to a mixing vat and continuously mixed until homogenized. To minimize air bubbles, it settles for a day in preparation for filling.

Once the formulation is approved, it moves to the production stage. The designs are printed on the LLDPE stock and cut to the iconic milk carton shape. Each individual pouch is quality control checked for any manufacturing defects and stored in a sterile environment until ready to be filled.

The Cupra Sheet Mask

The cupra fabric originates from previously discarded cotton linter that is processed for enhanced softness and strength.

Next, the cupra is spun into large rolls of fabric that are then cut into the perfect sheet mask shape. Each sheet mask is individually quality checked, hand folded, then placed into the pouch. From there, the machines take over to do the filling & sealing to ensure all 27mL of the creamy serum are added to each pouch. The mask pouches are then sealed for sterility and stamped with an expiration date to ensure maximum freshness.

Finally, the masks are quality control checked once more, approved for shipping, and sent directly to ESW Beauty warehouses where they are forwarded with care, directly to your door or to the retailers near you.

To find these products near you, visit ESW Beauty’s store locator


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