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Keeping Your Hair Healthy At The Pool & Beach

If you’re a low-key skincare junkie like me, you already know that ocean water does wonders for your skin. What you may not know however, is that salt water does not do wonders for your hair. Whether you are spending this summer at the pool or at the beach, you have to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water. Plus, no one likes that dry crunchy feeling after a long day of soaking your strands.

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How Salt Water Affects Your Hair

Although saltwater does have some detoxifying benefits for your hair and skin, it is also highly concentrated with minerals that can cause your hair to split at its ends. After a dip in the ocean, your hair may become dull, dry, tangled, and rough– especially if you have color treated hair. The damage may leave your hair unable to hold its shape or curl.

How Chlorinated Water Affects Your Hair

Chlorine is a bleach and it essentially strips your hair of all its natural oils leaving it dry and brittle. It impacts the hair’s natural cuticle (yes, hair has a cuticle too) and protein, called keratin. This harsh pool additive has also been known to cause chemical reactions that can change the color of your hair- we all remember the green hair ends growing up, right? Avoiding chlorinated water all-together can help your hair keep its shine and prevent split ends.

Here are a few tips that can help your hair stay healthy all summer long:
  1. Before you swim, wet your hair first. Many hair experts compare your hair to a sponge, if you wet your hair first, it will not absorb the salt or chlorinated water!

  2. Consider wearing a swim cap for prolonged periods of swimming.

  3. Wash your hair immediately after swimming and apply hair oil or leave in conditioner

  4. Dry with a microfiber towel or soft cotton cloth. Rough towels can cause unnecessary damage to your hair.

  5. No pre-summer chops- get that fresh cut towards the end of your summer season so you can start fall with fresh ends.

  6. Brush with a wide toothed comb. Wet and tangled hair is easy to damage with a normal brush– so comb gently!

Though the experts will tell you to avoid dipping your hair in the pool or ocean, if you’re like me, you prefer the carefree summer lifestyle. Follow these simple tips and you’re sure to enjoy your summer with healthy, shiny hair that will last you into the fall.


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