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I Tried To Compost Our Sheet Mask - Here’s What Happened

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to compost? Honestly, so have I and when I found out ESW Beauty’s sheet masks were compostable, I decided to put it to the test. ESW Beauty’s Raw Juice Sheet Mask line recently transitioned from being biodegradable, which refers to any material that has microorganisms added in order to break down, to compostable.

For those of you who may not know, compostable refers to solely organic or plant-based materials that degrade in the environment to create compost. It is important to note that compostable materials can also be biodegradable but not all biodegradable materials are compostable. You can read more about the recent launch here.

Now let’s talk about how my composting experience went while using a Lomi and the steps throughout the process:

First off, what is a Lomi? Lomi is the odor free, mess free at home composter by Pela. It turns your food waste into a nutrient-rich dirt that you can feed to your plants!

1. Enjoy your sheet mask for a relaxing skin treatment

Block out 15-20 minutes of time for yourself and enjoy one of ESW Beauty’s relaxing sheet masks! Targeting a variety of skin concerns like firming, radiance, soothing, and pore control, there is a sheet mask for everybody and every skin concern. I went with our Pineapple Bliss Revitalizing Raw Juice Sheet Mask for this process.

2. Rinse & dry the sheet mask to prepare for composting

After using the sheet mask, you want to prep it for the composting process. To prepare the sheet mask, I rinsed off the mask fabric in my sink to remove any excess serum and left it out for several minutes to dry.

3. Cut the mask fabric into smaller pieces

I made sure to cut the mask fabric into smaller pieces once I was done cleaning and drying it. Cutting the fabric into smaller pieces will help speed up the composting process and allow for an even distribution of the fabric within your compost.

4. Add the mask fabric to your at home composter

When I had my mask fabric cut up into pieces, I added it to the top of my compost for the week. This compost consisted of celery, apple, potato, coffee scraps, as well as ESW Beauty’s sheet mask fabric. Since I was composting with a Lomi, I added 1 Lomi Pod to my scraps and 50 ml of water as directed. I then shut the lid and set my Lomi to Eco-Express mode which takes about 3-5 hours to completely compost all items in the machine. After I started the Lomi, I patiently waited for my waste to become soil!

My compost recipe:

  • Celery scraps

  • Apple scraps

  • Potato scraps

  • Leftover coffee grounds

  • ESW Beauty Raw Juice Sheet Mask fabric

5. Remove your soil from your composter & use however you would like

Once the 5 hours passed, I was left with nutrient dense soil that I was able to use in so many ways. First I nourished existing plants in my garden with this soil I made and I also started to grow new plants with it! I decided to plant cotton seeds to bring the process from cotton linter to soil full circle.

ESW Beauty is proud to say that we are able to bring the process full circle with our sheet masks that are now completely compostable.

I hope this inspires you not only to compost but to shop more ethically and eco-friendly. Shopping sustainable is super important because it means you are shopping with the earth and its health in mind! Again, if you want to read more compostability and what it means check out our previous article here. Stay tuned for more composting articles!


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