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How To Have A More Sustainable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should be a time of being grateful for your family and friends, and for our earth! Food waste is a big problem in the US during the holidays and being more thoughtful about your meal prep can have a big impact.. Here’s how you can have a more eco-conscious Thanksgiving and reduce your carbon footprint.

Though one great way to have a more eco-friendly Thanksgiving would be canceling the turkey all together– I will give you a list of practical tips to have a sustainable Thanksgiving day with your family.

Use Reusable Dinnerware

Skip the single use plates and forks and use your reusable dishes. You might be having a lot of family members over but you can make dishwashing time part of your family tradition! If you have a special set of family dishes, this is the best time to use them and put a smile on your grandma's face.

Purchase Local Produce and Foods

Shopping locally is the best way to reduce your footprint. Opt for local, seasonal vegetables and source your turkey from local farms.

For more information about eating seasonally & locally, read here.

Eat Less Meat

I won’t tell you to skip the turkey but try cooking a variety of side dishes and healthy fall veggies to eat less meat on Thanksgiving. The meat industry is the number one source of methane gas which has a significant impact on the environment.

According to the NRDC, about 200 million pounds of turkey meat are thrown out over the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Look Before You Shop

Take a look in your cabinets & freezer for ingredients, spices, and food you can use towards your Thanksgiving prep. No more, ‘just in case’ buying– buy only what you need.

Remind Your Family To Bring To-Go Containers

If you’re the host, you may have been stuck with days worth of leftovers that you just can’t seem to get through. Instead of suffering through mountains of mashed potatoes and working to beat the expiration clock, pass out a helping for each of your guests as they head out.


Donate any unused materials, canned goods, or ingredients that your local food bank accepts. Helping those in need can reduce food waste and benefit the environment too!

From everyone at ESW Beauty & ESW Unfiltered, we hope you have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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