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Films That Showcase Queer Representation

Pride month has arrived and it's time to honor our friends who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Although June is the month to pay homage to the hardships faced by this notoriously marginalized group—allyship does not end July 1st.

So to kick start pride month here are my top movies that showcase queer representation, because representation in media does matter.


Call Me By Your Name


A gut-wrenching love story that features a curious seventeen year old, Elio Perlman----a French-Italian Jewish-American who spends his summers drowning in the Italian heat in his parents countryside villa. Amidst the summer of 1983, Elio meets his father's summer intern, Oliver, and the two become acquainted with one another. Throughout Oliver's six-week stay at the villa, the two tip-toe the line of lovers and friends. This romance is one written in the stars and the ending has you begging for more screen time between these two. Truly an unforgettable love story.

"Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine."



A walk through of the three major phases of life: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood of Chiron Harris and his tumultuous life growing up in a struggling Miami neighborhood. Trying to find where to nestle his body in the vast world, through childhood and adolescence, Chiron finds himself bearing the burden of an addict mom, school bullies, and his emerging realization about his sexuality. This movie will make you shed a tear, or maybe even a hundred, throughout the movie. A great coming-of-age movie for anyone trying to grasp their identity in a world of uncertainty.

"I cry so much sometimes I turn to drops"



Shot entirely off of an iPhone 5s, Sean Baker's beautifully crafted comedy-drama masterpiece, Tangerine, follows a transgender sex worker, Sin-dee and her best friend and accomplice, Alexandra. Sin-dee is released from jail after twenty-eight days when she finds out that Chester, her pimp-boyfriend, had utilized Sin-dee's time behind bars to find a new woman. Together the two best friends make it their mission to scour the streets of Hollywood for Chester's new girlfriend. Along the way the two wreak havoc----getting the cops called on them, beating up Chester's new girlfriend, and almost getting arrested.

“All men cheat. That’s why they’re called trade. Do them just as dirty as they do us.”

Portrait of a Lady on Fire


Winner of the Cannes Festival Best Screenplay in 2019, Portrait of Lady on Fire, is a passionate French romance-period drama. Marianne, who is a painter, was commissioned by a French countess to paint her daughter, Héloïse's, portrait without her knowledge. Marianne assumes the role of a walking companion to study the features of Heloise up close for her painting. Together, the two women grow to have an intimate liking to one another. What started off as an innocent friendship sprouts into a blissful romance hidden in secrecy as Héloïse is a bride to be via an arranged marriage.

"Do all lovers feel like they're inventing something?"



Coming-of-age Dutch romance drama, Boys, features 15-year-old Sieger, who finds himself experiencing a sexual awakening. Sieger meets grows accustomed to Marc, his fellow track teammate and the two grow to develop a beautiful friendship. While nothing seems strange, summer begins to roll in and the warm weather brings together the newfound romance. The two boys metamorphose their once innocent friendship into a young romance chock full of intimate passion.

"Shall we stay here forever?"


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