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7 Organization Tips You Need In Your Life

Sometimes it is so hard to keep your things or even your life organized. I know it isn’t always easy but here are a few tips to help you and your life feel a little bit more put together!

1. Have a clean space

Make sure you have at least one space in your room or home that is clean, clear and organized. It doesn’t have to be clean to your mom’s standards but have a place for all of your things in a way that makes sense for you! Maybe that old high school graduation mug is the perfect place to keep your pens and pencils. Who cares?! As long as you feel good about it!

2. Keep a planner

Okay, this one might be tricky for some, but trust me. Keep. a. Planner. Or a notebook or a post-it or literally anything that will keep you from forgetting something important. The point of this tip is to jot things down when you need to, it will help keep your days, weeks, and months just a tad bit more on track.

3. Always write things down

Going off of my last point, please write things down when you need to. Whether it is a newly assigned task at work or your friend asks you to bring a bottle of wine to girls' night. Write in your phone, on your hand, on your planner, just write it somewhere.

4. Have a place for most items

Remember to always have a place for your things. Whether that is a junk drawer, a linen closet, or a room filled with your old things from college (which I currently have). The important thing is that it has a place and you will know where to find it if you need to.

5. Clear your mind

Your mind is what keeps you the most organized! A clear mind means a clear and clean space. A tip that keeps my head organized is listening to music or a podcast throughout the day. I even like to take time to practice yoga or meditation. Clearing your head will give you the mindset to clean and organize the rest of your life.

6. Make time for friends and family

You may think your friends and family may clutter your life, but they can be a great help to staying organized! First, creating plans with friends and family is one thing to add to your schedule and helps you manage your time throughout the day. They are also great reminders for upcoming events or things you may have forgotten about!

7. Prioritize things throughout the day

Okay, this last tip kind of sums up all of the others above, but make sure you are prioritizing things throughout the day. You can do this with your planner, with your notebook, your post-it or your hand, but planning out what is important for the day is key to staying on track and organized. It could be prioritizing tasks at work before getting started or going grocery shopping before snagging the new tinted moisturizer at Sephora!

Listen, I know it isn’t always easy to stay organized or feel like your life is from one of those clean girl aesthetic Tik Tok videos, nobody is perfect including me. That is why I shared a quick and simple list of tips that may just help you stay on track.


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