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What's In My Bag: European Getaway

If you have an extended stay in Europe coming up and you have no idea what to pack, I have all the solutions for you. Taking vacation for over a week can be intimidating so it’s a good idea to be prepared with the best essentials.

Here are a few of my must-haves when traveling abroad:

Passport & Vaccine Card Holder

To enter many countries in Europe, you need to flash your vaccine card and passport at the same time, so I found this holder to be the perfect 2-in-1.


Linen Dress For Touring Around

I always like to have lightweight, simple basics that can be dressed up or down (bonus points for sustainable fabric).


Silk Dress For Nights Out

Something silky & eye-catching is exactly the dinner dress you need for your trip. I love this avocado colored dress that is perfect for both cool and warm weather as it is breathable AND long sleeved.



Always pack a pair and a spare! Trust me, not only will you regret it when you lose your only pair, but it’s also fun to have styling options.


European Power Adapter

This one is self explanatory. Keep your phone charged to be ready to snap hundreds of photos and guide you around the city.


Skincare Essentials!!

I am not going anywhere without a pack of sheet masks and my facial roller. Whether you need to revive your skin after the long flight or you just want to look fresh for your trip, you need to bring your skincare. I love popping on the Pineapple Bliss Revitalizing Sheet Mask 30 minutes before landing so I can arrive with fresh & rejuvenated skin

ESW Beauty

Versatile Shoe-wear

Two words: waterproof sandals. I love an all-white sandal that is completely waterproof, carrying you from the city to the shoreline. If you spill something on them at the cafe, no worries, just wipe them off.


Film Camera

Okay, so a single-use camera isn’t exactly ‘an essential’, but it is fun! I always bring a film camera on my trips because it makes for great memories that your phone camera just can't compete with.


Reusable Water Bottle

Last but not least, your emotional support bottle. I carry my reusable water bottle everywhere when I travel. If you aren’t having sparkling water, there’s no point in buying a plastic bottle to stay hydrated.

Hydro Flask

As a frequent flier to Europe, I find that all you need to have is the basics, but you should do it in style– we are going to Europe after all. If you leave something behind, don’t stress about it; you’ll likely find everything you need there, so just focus on booking that ticket and the rest is simple!


ESW Beauty Raw Juice Sheet Masks.jpg

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