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Season Depression: How We Try & Avoid It

Well it’s crazy to think that 2023 is already here and with the new year comes a ton of new goals, but it may not be so easy to achieve those goals for some, especially in the winter months. Seasonal depression is a real thing whether you experience it during the colder months or not. Fact is - it gets dark outside before you’re even done with the workday and it's hard not feel like your day is over after the sun sets and it’s freezing cold outside. I know there isn’t a cure for seasonal depression, but as someone who is affected immensely by the change in weather and light - here are a few tips that have helped me this season.

1. Wake up earlier

This may seem silly. Why would you want to wake up early when you’re suffering from depression? Here’s why: waking up earlier allows you to see more light throughout your day. Try and wake up an hour earlier than you normally would and open your windows right away. I like to think that we are similar to plants and we need the sun to thrive as much as plants do. Waking up earlier allows you to accomplish more during the day. If you feel like your day is over when it gets dark out, get it done while it’s still light out and before you start your day!

2. Buy a sunset lamp

If natural lighting during the day is not doing the trick entirely, try purchasing some ambient lighting like a sunset lamp! These lamps are great for brightening up a dark room and making it feel like daytime at night. I love this one from Amazon because you can adjust the lighting directly from an app on your phone! You can choose the color you want as well as the brightness and you can even set a timer. I love to use this once the sunsets outside but it is not quite time for bed.

3. Start a new hobby

A great way to fight seasonal depression is to start a new hobby during the season! This will keep your mind occupied and will leave you feeling happy doing something you love. I recently joined a book club this winter season and it has helped with my seasonal depression immensely. I look forward to getting a chance to read my book of the month after work and dinner each day! It gives me something to do after the day is over besides sitting on my phone and going to sleep and I have a group that I can talk to about the book each month which helps me get out of the house, especially when I don’t want to leave.

Overall, seasonal depression is not easy and it looks different for everyone. It may affect some individuals more than others, but either way sometimes the cold and darkness can be unpleasant for most. It took me some time to figure out what helped me feel better during these colder months. I only didn’t fully understand it until I sat down to write this, but a great way to fight seasonal depression overall is to prioritize yourself and the things you love. Don’t let the cold and darkness make you feel like your day is over and you can’t do anything else because you can! Do it for yourself, you got this and hopefully seasonal depression will get a whole lot easier once we stop participating in daylight savings time next year!


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