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Recipe: Cowboy Caviar

You may have seen this recipe all over Tik Tok and trust me, this cowboy caviar recipe is as good as it looks! I started making this for friends and family in mid-July and it quickly became a fan favorite!

Photo by Dinner at the Zoo


  • 1 Red, Green, Yellow, Orange Bell Pepper

  • 1 Mango

  • 2-3 Jalapenos

  • ½ of a Red Onion

  • 1 Can of Black Beans

  • 1 Can of Pinto Beans

  • 1 Can of Corn

  • 1 Can of Black Olives

  • 1-2 Limes

  • Red Wine Vinegar

  • Olive Oil


  • Prep your fresh ingredients: Chop the bell peppers, mango, jalapenos, and red onions into cubes. Finely chop your jalapenos and be sure to remove most of the seeds based on your desired heat level.

  • Combine in a bowl: Open, rinse, strain, pour your canned ingredients like black beans, pinto beans, corn, and black olives into your bowl. Add your chopped ingredients and combine.

  • Season: Season the dip to your liking with salt, pepper, fresh squeezed lime juice, and be sure to add a splash of olive oil and red wine vinegar.

  • Eat: My favorite step - Enjoying the dip! Stir all ingredients together until all is evenly distributed, then grab a vessel for your dip and you’re ready to enjoy!

This dip is perfect for those cool fall days outside or even a quick snack to bring to work. I love to not only enjoy this recipe as a dip, but also a salad or taco topper to help spice up my everyday meals.


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