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My Wegmans Healthy Must Haves

If you’re from the east coast, you probably know what Wegmans is and its superiority to other grocery stores. Wegmans is a grocery store primarily located in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area that carries a wide variety of high quality products. You can now find our Raw Juice Cleanse Sheet Masks in all Wegmans stores, which happened to be my favorite grocery store to shop at, so I thought I would break down a list of my favorite healthy items you can find at Wegmans stores.

1. Organic Avocados

Wegmans always has the best and high quality organic produce in my area. Avocado toast is a staple in my morning routine so I always make sure to pick up the organic avocados while I’m there!

2. Love Beets Ready to Eat Beets

If you’re looking for a quick and easy snack for those on-the-go days, you’ll love the Love Beets Ready to Eat Beets. These beets are so flavorful and are the perfect healthy addition to any meal or snack during your workday.

3. Freshly Made Raw Juices

I think it’s no secret that we love raw juices around here, but Wegmans seriously has a great selection of raw juices all the time. They make the juice right there in the grocery store so you’re always grabbing a juice with the freshest possible ingredients.

4. ESW Beauty Raw Juice Cleanse Sheet Masks

Don’t want to drink a green juice, then head over to the beauty section and grab a raw juice for your face! The ESW Beauty Raw Juice Cleanse Sheet Masks have truly changed my skin and always leave me feeling restored and rejuvenated.

5. Split Peanut Butter & Jelly Packets

Another one of my favorite on-the-go snacks is the Split Peanut Butter and Jelly Packets. These portable packets are great to eat on their own for some quick protein or to easily spread on a sandwich as you are heading out the door.

6. Poppi Prebiotic Soda

Poppi has become a staple in my house. This prebiotic soda is powered by apple cider vinegar and actually tastes like soda! For little to no sugar and it is actually good for your gut health, I would definitely add this one to your list.

7. Elmhurst Oat Milk

If you love oat milk, you definitely need to try out Elmhurst’s. This oat milk only has three ingredients (oats, water, and salt) so you know that you’re consuming one the cleanest and quality oat milks on the market. This is a must buy for me every week!

8. Bobo’s Strawberry Toasters

Bobo’s has become one of my favorite quick and easy breakfast brands! These toasters are so easy to make and filled with great ingredients like whole grain oats and fresh fruit. I like warming mine up in a toaster especially on cold winter mornings!

Next time you’re shopping at Wegmans and are wondering what to buy, I would definitely give these healthy items a try! You will not regret it!


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