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My 5 WFH Essential Set Up

By now working from home has become the new norm. To think that almost three years ago this work style was popularized by the pandemic, it has stuck around for a reason! There are a multitude of pros and cons about working from home and opinions on the work style vary. Some may prefer staying at home and others may prefer working in an office and seeing co-workers in person. No matter how you feel about work from home, it’s where you spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week - your setup matters! Here are my top 5 work from home essentials for the ultimate work environment:

1. Standing Desk

If you would’ve told me 3 years ago that I would have a standing desk in my bedroom for work, I would laugh at you! I didn’t even know standing desks existed until now, but this gift from my parents turned out to be one of the best investments in my work from home life. I first tried a lap desk on my bed, but that didn’t last long. This Tresanti 47" Adjustable Height Desk from Costco gives you the best of both worlds. Want to sit at a desk normally? You can. Getting tired of sitting? You can adjust the height of your desk so you can stand comfortably. Is your phone dying throughout your work day? No need to worry, this desk has a wireless charging pad embedded on the desk and two USB charging ports on the side. Seriously, this desk has it all.

2. Walking Pad

Okay, if you invest in a standing desk, the walking pad is a nice addition. When you decide to stand up from your desk you can always pull out this walking pad underneath you and get some steps in while you work. This is a great way to spice up the work day and it keeps your mind stimulated and focused after long hours behind a computer screen.

3. Comfortable Desk Chair

If you’re going to decide to sit at your desk for most of your work day, you’re going to want to find a comfortable chair for your desk. A chair can easily make or break your productivity throughout the day. If you’re uncomfortable in your chair, you’re more likely to get distracted and irritated throughout the day and who wants to end the work day with lower back pain? No one, so investing in a high quality and comfortable chair will enhance your work from home game.

4. Loungewear Set

Okay, I definitely learned this one the hard way, but just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should stay in your pajamas all day! Okay, fine - I’m WFH right now and I’m still in my pajamas but putting on a cute outfit can not only help you feel more productive but also more prepared to start your day. But who wants to wear jeans while they work all day, not me! That’s where these cute loungewear sets come in, you can still look cute and put together while also feeling the comfort of being in your pajamas.

5. Claw Clip

When I’m working I am ultra-focused a lot of the time, which means I can’t have any distractions and that includes my hair. I love to keep my hair out of my face with the Happy Hour Pink French Biodegradable Claw Clip from ESW Beauty. This perfectly sized clip is ideal for pulling my bangs out of my face within seconds! A claw clip can create an updo in seconds and bonus, this one also looks super cute in your hair.


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