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How My Facial Roller Changed My Morning Routine

Some mornings, and maybe every morning is a struggle to get out of bed. As I sit here in bed writing this morning, I think about some of the products that have helped me in jump-starting my morning routine and feel more confident and awake for the day ahead. One of the first things that I do is obviously grab a coffee or a matcha. I've been leaning more towards matcha recently to get some caffeine in me, but what about caffeine for your face?

My skincare routine is something that always helps me feel more awake and renewed each morning, but one item I recently added in my routine has changed the game completely. My Mint Green Tea Jade Crystal Facial Roller from ESW Beauty has become a must in my morning wake-up routine.

Not only does this facial roller depuff your face instantly, it is also naturally cool to the touch which helps awaken the skin and your mind more than coffee or matcha ever could. I like to keep mine in my skincare fridge overnight, this helps to enhance the coolness of the aventurine crystal on the roller and it is like splashing cold water on your face in the morning, without the mess!

After using a chilled facial roller consistently, I have noticed that I feel more awake, alert, and ready to take on the day than days that I forget to use my roller. This tool helps speed up my wake-up process as well. Instead of taking a half hour or an hour to make a matcha, drink it, and let it affect my body, I can just reach from my handy facial roller that instantly gives me that relief in the morning and it leaves my face looking snatched - an extra bonus!

I will never turn down my chilled facial roller in the morning - it’s become a non-negotiable for me to refresh, reset, and awaken before work, meetings, appointments, and literally anything that requires me to wake up early! This tool has officially changed my morning routine for good.


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