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Five Vegan Nail Polish Options

Did you know that not all nail polishes are vegan? Most household nail polish brands contain animal derivatives that test on animals—making them not cruelty-free. The animal byproducts in most nail polishes are used for coloring and to strengthen the nail. Ingredients such as guanine are typically used in shimmery nail polishes and its main component is fish scales—not vegan at all.

However, there are plenty of really great nail polish brands on the market that effectively retain color and work to reinforce nail strength without compromising your morals. Here are some of those brands that are one-hundred percent vegan to look out for.

Photo by @Dan Cristian Pădurețon Unsplash

First brand is a social media favorite, Halo Taco, a brand started by nail YouTuber, Simply Nailogical. If you love Christine, you’ll love her opaque, glitter polishes too because they are one-hundred percent vegan and cruelty-free.

Holo Taco

Another brand that’s PETA certified is Jolie Vegan. There’s no guessing here with this brand, it is all vegan, and cruelty-free. Jolie Vegan is also making efforts on the mental health front by donating a percentage of their profits to three different mental health organizations. So this brand is definitely worth supporting.

Jolie Vegan

Here is a nail polish brand for all those ballin’ on a budget. Wet ‘n Wild, famed drugstore cosmetics company, sells nail polishes. Guess what? They’re all PETA certified, meaning they’re cruelty-free. So, stop at your local drugstore to pick some of these guys up.

Wet n Wild Beauty

Yapa is yet another vegan nail polish brand that also focuses on emphasizing non-toxic formulation. Their polishes are quick-dry, and hassle free offering a variety of different shades at a pierce point of $18 a polish. You can order them on their website.


ncLA beauty has the most stunning polish shades with the most stunning packaging. Their polishes are also vegan too! You can check out their polishes on their website, where each polish retails $16 a piece

ncLA Beauty

Now that you have all the information you need to shop consciously when thinking about your newest nail polish color, there is no excuse to buy into non-vegan, non cruelty-free polishes. So get to it!


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