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Don’t throw that juice bottle away - here is how to reuse it.

Stop! Don’t throw away that juice bottle from Trader Joe’s! You can repurpose it into so many things including a vase for plants from your local garden and here’s how:

Grab your bottle

Any bottle will do! No matter if it has a large label on it or not. You should thoroughly wash and rinse out your bottle before starting this process.

Add dish soap & paper towel to your label

To get rid of that pesky label, you’re going to want to add dish soap to a dry paper towel and run it under warm water. Once the dish soap has dispersed throughout the paper towel, wrap the mixture onto the label and let it sit for several hours. Be patient!

Remove paper towel & label

Now sometimes this works perfectly this first time but you may have to put some elbow grease into it. If you still see some sticker residue, you can buff it out with a sponge or even add some Goo Gone or oil to the bottle.

Grab your flowers

Once the residue is completely removed, your bottle has successfully been repurposed! You can’t even tell this used to be a juice bottle from Trader Joe’s! I love to add fresh, local and unique flowers throughout my house so I added these gorgeous purple flowers from my garden to my now vase.

This is just one way you can reuse everyday items instead of tossing them in the trash or sending them to a recycling center. I find reusing and repurposing items at home makes me feel good and it becomes a fun activity to do with friends and family! So next time you have a juice bottle lying around, think about how you could make something beautiful out of a leftover green juice!


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