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Are Facial Massages The Key To Younger Looking Skin?

Between facial tools, like the gua sha or facial roller, and TikTok trends like #faceyoga, it’s hard not to wonder– what is this all for? Let’s take a deeper dive into all these different techniques and how it could be the answer to younger looking skin.

It’s Time To Get Sculpted Besties

That’s right, facial massages have been known to promote firming and smoothing of the skin, leaving your face toned and chiseled after use– bonus points if you use a facial tool.

Take it from viral TikToker, Lisa Beautify (@lisa.beautify), the leader in Facial Yoga on social media, who shares her tips and tricks to reducing lymphatic congestion by promoting movement in the face. She teaches her social following techniques like, how to reduce the appearance of your ‘double chin’ or promote a younger, more toned looking complexion. In her own journey with Face Yoga, she has noticed a reduction in dark circles, a de-puffed face, and softer looking fine lines & wrinkles.

How Does It Work?

Promoting lymphatic drainage in the face can help reduce the puffiness by manually moving the stagnant fluid that keeps our faces inflamed. These movements also help promote blood circulation– which promotes collagen production by moving the good nutrients into the skin cells. A boost in collagen production can then help reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles– that’s something I can subscribe to.

Though facial massages are all over TikTok, they have deeper roots in Eastern cultures. For example, the gua sha tool, typically made from rose quartz, has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine– ‘Gua’ meaning scrape and ‘Sha’ meaning petechia, the rash or bruising left from deep massages with the stone. The idea behind the stone is to rebalance qi, or the natural energy flow, beneath the skin’s surface which helps detox the body and cleanse the impurities from within.

Stress & Pain Relief

So facial massages really are the key to younger looking skin– but that isn’t the only benefit to facial massages. Massaging your face, especially with a facial tool like the gua sha, has been known to reduce jaw tension, ease migraine headaches, and treat chronic pain.

If you want to learn more about how to reduce migraine headaches with a gua sha, read here


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