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5 Meaningful & Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas

The key with sustainable gift giving is only giving what you know they will use. Forget gag gifts or token ideas that they will just toss once you part ways. Those gifts end up filling the landfills. Try a non-tangible gift or something you know they’ve had their eyes on– bonus points if you use recycled gift bags or no wrapping at all! Your non-material gifts are not only sustainable but are the thoughtful gifts they will remember.

Make a donation in their name

One of my favorite go-to donation gifts is the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in their name. You can symbolically adopt their favorite animal and they will send a certificate in the mail to the recipient.

Or you can just donate to their favorite charity or toward a cause they care especially about.

Equip them with eco-friendly essentials

Give them items like reusable utensils, straws, canvas totes, beeswax wrap, or reusable bottles. If you know they are interested in living a more environmentally sound lifestyle, an eco-friendly bundle is the perfect gift!

If they already have the basics, some other fun ideas include: bar shampoo, compostable sheet masks, countertop compost bin, or a subscription to organic produce brand Misfits Market (a brand selling fresh ‘ugly’ produce that would otherwise be thrown out)

Experiences: non-tangible gifts are the best gifts!

Take them on an adventure, treat them to a spa day, cooking class, concert tickets, language course, or gift a Master Class subscription. Experience gifts are some of the best and most memorable ways to tell a friend you are thinking of them.

Thoughtful gifts they can keep for a lifetime

Make a memory book or a photo album. Make them a video from all their favorite people sharing what they love most about them or put together a scrapbook that tells the timeline of your friendship. Gifts that take a little extra time and thought are the best kind to receive.

House Plants!

The gift that continues to grow, cleanses their air, and will de-stress their home. Gift them a pothos, spider, or snake plant for a low-maintenance option.

Before you shop, think twice– will they really want it? Or will it just end up in the trash. No more making your friends re-gift. Try an experience based, or non-tangible gift that is meaningful to them. If you love gift giving and must give them a physical gift, make sure it is something they will love and cherish so it does not go to waste!


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