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10 Household Items You Can Actually Compost

It’s a no-brainer that fruit scraps and vegetable waste can go into your compost, but there are many more materials that might surprise you. Items you are already familiar with and are using at home can actually be tossed in your compost– here are 10 of them!

Coffee grounds & paper coffee filters

Natural latex– toss your balloons, gloves, and.. well you know!

Old ropes & ripped up clothes made from natural fibers (wool, cotton, etc)

Natural corks from your wine bottle

Sheet Masks– only if they are certified compostable like ESW Beauty’s

White glue (like Elmer’s), and masking tape!

Cellophane (only if its the real plant-based variety- not plastic wrap)

Wood ash from your fireplace

Cardboard boxes from pasta, cereal, etc. (just remove the plastic window)

Vacuum dust (as long as your carpet is not synthetic)

Now you know! Just 10 more things we can keep out of landfills and get fertilizing with!


ESW Beauty Raw Juice Sheet Masks.jpg

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