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My Story: The Not So Easy Healthy Living Journey

Before becoming the founder of ESW Beauty, a clean beauty brand inspired by healthy living, I was a teenage girl struggling with a chronic, hidden illness. Although it was a tough ride, I am proud to be able to turn my struggles into the inspiration behind our brand.

It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I struggled with stomach ulcers throughout my teenage years. It was a hidden chronic illness that didn’t bother me until it did. I remember many times in high school when I would suddenly feel a sharp pain in my stomach that came out of nowhere. I had to crouch down, hold my stomach, and fight back the tears in the middle of an exam or at a hangout with friends.

Growing up, I have seen multiple gastroenterologists, went through endoscopies, and tried various medications, but there was never a long-term solution that would help. It worsened after going to college, most likely due to increased stress levels from balancing school & exams and everything else in the mix. I had random trips to the emergency rooms and absences from important occasions. I knew that I had to seriously reevaluate my lifestyle patterns, which led to the start of my healthy living journey.

Photo by Ello on Unsplash

Some Important Changes I Made

  • Generally, I eat many vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers, brussels sprouts, and fruit like apples and blueberries. They are rich in antioxidants and help combat the H. pylori bacteria, which causes my ulcers.

  • Foods rich in probiotics are also very good for your stomach, so now I love to snack on yogurt and drink miso soup. Miso is made from fermented soybean paste and is a good source of protein and fiber.

  • My go-to is overnight oats or oatmeal for breakfast, as fiber-rich foods help prevent ulcers from developing.

  • Beverage-wise, I drink lots of raw juices such as cabbage juice which is a known at home remedy. Additionally, I love green juices, and more fun fruit juices with watermelon and grapefruit, which inspired The Pink Dream

In addition to knowing what to eat more of, I knew that avoiding certain foods was equally important. Sometimes, it is tough to entirely cut a certain food from my diet, so instead I have learned to work around and better prepare my body if I will eat it.

  • Sour or spicy foods are something I am very cautious with as they do cause acid levels to rise in your stomach. If there is something I am really craving, I request mild.

  • Red meats (specifically beef and veal) are foods I have ultimately removed from my diet altogether. They take a long time to digest and make the acid level in your stomach rise. Instead, I opt for chicken or turkey.

  • Alcohol is also something I am careful with; if I don’t prepare my body properly before drinking, I know the night will end badly. If I know I am going to drink, I always make sure to eat enough beforehand and drink lots of water to pace myself.

Knowing what to eat, what to avoid, and actively making those lifestyle changes have helped me heal my body tremendously.

Just like anything, if you put time, care, and love into nurturing, it will improve. Along with some medication and regular visits to my GI doctor, my stomach ulcers have reduced a lot.

Nowadays, I have learned to find a healthy balance and follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, I stick with unprocessed, more nutritious choices, but I do like to treat myself and enjoy 20% of the time. Some of my recent favorites have been banana overnight oats, a fun summer fruit salad, and pitaya smoothie bowls.

In addition to living a healthier lifestyle, I have always loved skincare, especially skincare with clean ingredients. I am so glad that I could turn my health struggles into the inspiration behind the concepts in my products.

I am excited to continue to blend my passions and create more healthy living-inspired skincare as well as share more of my journey through our ESW Unfiltered blog. Stay tuned!

**I am not a medical doctor, or health care professional. These are all of the suggestions from my personal experience that has worked for me.


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