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How Regular Spa Visits Can Benefit Your Skin & Overall Wellness

Good news, that spa day you’ve been dying to treat yourself with will not only be good for your mental health, but spending time in the spa can actually do wonders for your skin too.

It’s all about circulation

Enjoying spa treatments can naturally elevate your body’s temperature which in turn helps boost circulation. When your circulatory system delivers oxygen throughout the body, it also carries nutrients which can be very regenerative. Circulation is so important in the body because it helps your health & wellbeing and produces radiant, healthy skin.

You can boost circulation by spending time in the sauna, thermal baths, or getting a relaxing massage.

One great way to improve circulation and increase blood oxygen levels is to spend some time in a Carbon-Rich Bath. Many spas have carbon-rich baths to emulate the naturally occurring carbon dioxide springs that can be found around the Alps. The health benefits are not limited to circulation- you will notice relief in your sore muscles and extended migraine prevention.

Get your sweat on

Sweating it out in the sauna or steam room is a really good way to naturally flush out impurities from your skin. Sweating can naturally cleanse your pores– after a trip to the sauna you will notice your skin looking healthier and reduce the appearance of blackheads and blemishes.

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Boost collagen production

We all know collagen is the miracle worker for keeping our skin elastic and youthful. Sauna can actually help promote the production of collagen from the hot air and moisture levels. Heat allows your skin to shed dead skin cells allowing your skin to produce newer, healthier layers.


Getting an exfoliating scrub or treatment helps remove dead skin cells to help cell turnover which produces youthful, glowing skin. It is important to have this done by professionals because if done wrong, you can actually damage your skin and create microscopic scratches.

One amazing treatment for exfoliation is a Korean Body Scrub. This cleansing process involves soaking the body in hot water and then rubbing it with a ‘Korean Italy towel’ or scrub mitt. The treatment removes any dead skin or layers of dirt on your body while also promoting circulation. This popular spa service will leave you feeling refreshed and brighten your skin tone.

Smooth out your skin with silk

Oxygen-rich microbubble baths, also known as silk baths, are amazing skin healers. These baths nourish skin tissue, improving your skin’s elasticity. Your body will be wrapped in oxygen-rich bubbles which make your skin literally feel like silk. The oxygen can help stimulate your immune system which can promote healing and reduce scar tissue.

No need to debate if that spa day is worth it, treat yourself and let your skin glow!


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